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The Dead Clowns - I Wanna Fly Away (Frequent-C Remix)
The Dead Clowns - I Wanna Fly Away (Frequent-C Remix)

Listen at: http://thedeadclowns.com

Written by: Kenneth West and Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin
Music: Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin and Gabriel T. de Oliveira
Rap: Kenneth West
Remixed by: Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin

I'm smashing, in every shape form and fashion
Got Paparazzi snapping pictures of me like Ashton
I'm mashing, up the freeway in the Aston
Martin, as I'm parting the passengers that I'm passing
I'm laughing, doing about a buck when a truck
Wants cut me off, what da f**k, just my luck
Just nicked me, now I'm swerving my gears r getting shifty
Not to mention that I'm a little tipsy, not drunk
I'm pissy, should have had the service come get me,
Now I'm doing about 90 on empty, (and it tempts me
To pull off and rest, and pull off the vest
But the haters can't ever wait to pull off 2 in the chest)
Radio edit* - Don't arrest me, the rest be weary...
(So there's no rest for the weary) as my eyes get teary when I yawn
It's time to move on, it's almost dawn so
I'm looking for the next exit
To left it's, 3 hot chicks in the Lexus, and their texting
While their driving, getting high and
I open the moon roof to touch the sky and

(Chorus 2x)
I wanna fly away,
Fly away
And I know it's coming faster
How do I escape disaster?
Don't wanna die today,
Not today
How do I close this chapter?
Go from pain to laughter

I feel like I'm crashing, the stereo's steady blasting
Can't concentrate, the time's moving fast
Can't stand I'm not straight, can't believe I'm relapsing
Driving under influence, accident waiting to happen
Can't take the crap, my P.O.'s checking for signs
Missed my AA meetings at least 3 times
Weaving between lines, leaning, I'm too blind
Believing I'm not an addict and that I'm still trying
To stay sober, while I'm grinding closer to the boulder
Feeling the weight of the world, is on my shoulders
(Should I pull the car over, and take a breather
I'm a believer, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger)
Radio edit *- Nights are longer, days are colder
My kids are all older now, all married and settled down
My wife left me now, let her down, she can't stay
The Judge says, he'll take my life away, if I can't pay
Can't say I didn't deserve it, the nerve is
Wish he would've found a different, way to word it

(Chorus 2x)

The world's steady passing
Too late to turn back
Too late to change the past
And too late to face facts
That my life is
Exactly what my wife is
Trifling, couldn't stay and help me through my crisis
What if I said that I would change?
Would it make a single bit of difference or would it still be the same
Would my promises be just that,
Promises, promises
All our discussions end up in arguments
So I'm a just
Keep on moving like Soul II Soul
While I'm gripping my liquor it's getting quicker and quicker to lose control
I'm losing my soul
Nowhere to go
I'm at the end of road
End of my rope and I'm about to let go
I'm hearing the hopes
And the dreams of my family
Praying Heavenly Father
Please bring him back his sanity
But please understand
This wasn't part of my plan
But HIS plan
So in the end
I leave it in GOD's hands

(Chorus 2X)

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